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Join the DeSoto County Executive Committee in Their Effort


DeSoto County celebrates a rich past that played a major historic role in Mississippi, the South and the nation. The county’s residents, however, keep a constant eye on the future, making DeSoto County a bright spot in north Mississippi’s progress. Playing a large role in this effort has been a hard-working local Democratic party. Our Executive Board members are:


                                      Dr. Deborah Williams, Chair                                   

Commissioner Jimmy Stokes, 1st Vice Chair

Charlotte Armstrong, 2nd  Vice Chair 

                                    Catherine Griggs-Watson, Treasurer                                      


Lovie West, Secretary




Bobbie Betonti, Parliamentarian

Our 2023 Democratic Candidates

  • Senate 2        Pam McKelvy-Hamner

  • Senate 19      Shulandra Kerr

  • House 6         Jarvis Cook

  • House 7         Gail Lyons

  • House 24       David Olds

  • House 52       Dianne Black

  • Supervisor 1  Bobby Cowan Sr.

  • Supervisor 3  William Egner

  • Election Commissioner District 2  Zelda Hill

  • Justice Court Judge District 4  James Woodard

To learn more about DeSoto County and the Voting Districts: Visit

Are you registered to vote?  Check at (Verify my voter registration)

If you are interested in helping DeSoto County Democrats maintain our core Democratic principles and ideals, here is where you can start.











Show your interest in the DeSoto County Executive Committee and together we can turn Mississippi Blue!

Welcome to the team!

Dr. Deborah Williams, Chair.jpg
Commissioner Jimmy Stokes, 1st Vice Chair.png
Catherine Griggs-Watson, Treasurer.jpeg
Lovie West, Secretary.jpeg
Charlotte Armstrong, Assistant Secretary.jpeg
Bobbie Betonti, Parliamentarian.jpg

Turn Mississippi Blue


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