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We congratulate our Alabama neighbors by electing Democrat Doug Jones to the United States Senate! This election, coupled with historic wins in Virginia and Louisiana, tells us folks are hearing the Democrats' message throughout the South and want reasonable voices to lead.
In this election, Republicans solidified their losing views on women, children, race, jobs, and the economy. This Republican platform is supported by the Mississippi Republican Establishment, without question.
Democrats believe it is past time to lay aside the labels and work together with logical and reasonable solutions to our problems. Let's all lead together!

Posted Dec. 13, 2013

GOP raid on state retirement system still alive

Mississippi Democratic Party Release

A couple of weeks ago, this Mississippi Democratic Party warned of rampant rumors concerning changes to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) being considered by Republicans, as they have in years past. They called the email from the Mississippi Democratic Party a "LIE."

Republican leaders tried hard to spin the issue away from themselves after they had been caught. Republicans even trotted out Speaker Pro Tem Snowden on statewide talk radio to counter the truth.

Now, we find more Republicans confirming that retirement system changes are on their agenda.

Democrats are working hard to keep legislation transparent and protect everyone including state employees and retirees. 

As for our Republican friends who don't want to acknowledge the truth that everybody now knows about, we repeat an old adage that 'you sleep in the bed you made.'

Posted 12/12/17


Millsaps Survey Reveals Widespread Voter Concerns

Mississippi voters are uncertain about the direction of their state, wary of insufficient public school funding and overall quality, and open to considering new funding streams to provide for public education. These findings and more are detailed in the results of the first ever Millsaps College-Chism Strategies State of the State Survey.

Administered through a partnership between Millsaps College and Chism Strategies, the State of the State Survey was designed to gauge how Mississippians assess key actors and institutions in state government, where they would like to see the legislature focus their energy during the 2018 session, the state of public schools locally and across the state, and the public’s receptiveness to generating new education revenue.

“The findings of the State of the State Survey may help inform policymakers in the weeks and months ahead in their efforts to tackle critical issues impacting our state and our citizens,” said Dr. Nathan R. Shrader, assistant professor of political science at Millsaps. “Among the main lessons learned from this survey are that Mississippians are concerned about the state of public education and that nearly 60% believe that funding is currently too low. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, voters do not reflexively reject options for raising revenue to address the problem.”

The survey finds that a plurality of Mississippians—40% overall—believe that the state is on the wrong track. The survey, which assessed job performance of three state-wide elected officials, showed strong majorities approve of the job performance of Governor Phil Bryant and Attorney General Jim Hood while there is more uncertainty among the public regarding Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves and significant disapproval of the State Legislature. Although voters are somewhat divided on what they see as the top priority facing the legislature, nearly 30% want to see an emphasis on fixing roads and bridges. 

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