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All Politics Is Local

We hear it all the time, and it's true. All politics is local. Some of the most impactful work in our communities is done at the municipal level. We have great candidates running for Mayor, City Council, Clerk, or Police Chief in cities and towns large and small from Southaven to Bay St. Louis.

We have highlighted a number of specific candidates in the last two messages, but with Democrats running in at least 138 municipalities around the state, we are simply not able to accommodate all of the requests we have been getting!

The responses and feedback that is coming in is outstanding!
Please continue this enthusiasm and support for your local candidates in all of these municipalities around Mississippi by volunteering time and giving funds, if possible. Bring a car-load of friends and family to the polls, and let's make this upcoming Election Day a success.

Good luck to ALL of our candidates on Tuesday, June 6th!

Bobby Moak