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They Can't Learn

State Representative Karl Oliver is famous AGAIN! Karl put Mississippi in the spotlight again and made the New York Times but not in a good way.
Republican Representative Oliver from Winona, in a social media post, told us how he would LYNCH ‘persons’ attempting to remove monuments of the Old South as is occurring in New Orleans. You may remember this is the same Karl Oliver that told a mother he ‘could care less’ about her.

Oliver, once again, forced the Mississippi House Speaker to call out another of his Republican supermajority leadership team on his comments and take him to the proverbial political ‘woodshed.’ The Republicans may need to get a bigger woodshed, though, because they have mighty busy embarrassing themselves, their party, and the whole state.

Oliver’s comments were agreed to and ‘liked’ on social media by his Republican brethren, state Representatives John Read of Gautier and Doug McLeod of Lucedale. But remember there were a few more incidents putting this Republican leadership team, and Mississippi with them, in a negative light.

Oliver’s comments mesh with Republican Representative Bubba Carpenter of Burnsville when he had to apologize for racial comments. However, this was just in a string of issues for Representative Carpenter. He had to apologize over telling women to use a coat hanger for abortions. He also had a couple of ‘double dipping’ on the state dime when he was caught several times with his hand in the taxpayer cookie jar. Republican Representative Tracy Arnold of Booneville also tagged along with him for the double dip payment plan on the lobbyist trip to Destin, Florida.
And don’t forget Republican State Representative Jeffrey Guice of Ocean Springs when he verbally backhanded a mother concerned about expensive medication for her daughter that she could not afford to pay for. 
Just as we have condemned the statements of those in the most recent past, we again condemn these of Representative Oliver and his Republican cohorts that agree his words were somehow commendable.

Bobby Moak