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Democrats Cheer Municipal Candidates

Democrats are more than ecstatic tonight after qualifying for municipal elections closed at 5:00 today as we look set to continue our winning streak in city halls in every corner of the state. Many former independent mayors and city council members have now qualified under the Democratic banner.

Oxford will elect its next mayor, Robyn Tannehill, by acclamation along with returning Democrats to five of the seven city council seats. The lone Republican incumbent faces a Democratic challenger.

In DeSoto County, long considered a Republican stronghold, a dozen Democrats qualified in five municipalities. This has been nearly unheard of lately.

Throughout the state, younger generations of our rising leaders have qualified to carry the Democratic message that local city politicians have betrayed our trust by going along with Republican Party policies instead of that which is best for our towns and state.

Democrats know that when we elect local city officers, we depend on them to do more than just fill potholes. We expect them to stand up for us, work with state government to keep our taxes low by recovering our tax dollars for local projects. That has not been happening. There is no game plan our local and state Republican leaders have developed, and it is past time to work toward keeping our taxes low and creating the jobs we need.

Our Democratic candidates know that if the breadwinner loses his or her job today, the likelihood of finding a new job tomorrow is very difficult - if not unlikely. They know their high school or college graduate will have to go somewhere else to find a good job.

Our trust has been broken by local Republican politicians, and Democrats will formulate and execute a plan and work together for real results. That is why there is such a surge of Democrats answering the call for stronger cities and a better state for us all.

Bobby Moak