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Candidate Accent Part Two

The Republicans spotlight two of their municipal candidates weekly, and, in turn, today gives us opportunity to ‘ACCENT’ those candidates to show some of the ideas each may carry based on their party’s platform, actions, and public positions.

Mr. Jeff Olson, apparently a party switcher from his previous position in city government, has decided to carry the Republican banner in a quest for mayor of NEW ALBANY. One of the weightiest rocks around his neck will be the local Republican legislative delegation's lack of vision that has in turn created no positive record of leadership. Mr Olson will share that with them since he has joined the party. 
Just last year, the New Albany legislative delegation took state funds from local fire departments, city police departments, blind and deaf programs, mental health facilities, and a myriad of local programs that we depend on. Mr. Olson has yet to raise any concerns about those actions. Mr. Olson can also let us know why his party's political leaders’ efforts to totally eliminate from the budget the Union County Meals on Wheels program that serves 1,187 elderly, veterans, and the home-bound in their residences or at service centers is a good thing for New Albany.
That’s quite a platform of projects Mr. Olson will be asked to perpetuate in the office of Mayor as a good Republican. It’s probably time to ask the other candidate that is running for Mayor how he differs from Mr. Olson’s party stance on these issues. 

On to CLINTON where Mike Cashion is looking to fool the voters again. He is a lobbyist for his organization, so he knows his way around the Capitol.
Mr. Cashion says he "understands the budget.” His view on a conservative budget may be a lot different from yours though. While he has been hanging around the Capitol, he watched as his party has led us into a state budget deficit of $133 million (and growing) in this fiscal year alone that will mercifully end in July. Mr. Cashion has watched his Republican legislative leadership raid our state rainy day savings account five times and eliminate over 8,000 state jobs in order to help balance a budget that cannot be balanced. Not one word of outrage from Mr. Cashion as to how this affected the city and its taxpayers. So much for statesmanship but a lot for go-along-to-get-along!
Mr. Cashion was no shrinking violet in his opposition to a public school initiative a couple of years ago by making his views known. With one of the best public school systems in Mississippi, Clinton will have if they re-elect Cashion, a vocal opponent of funding our schools by the state. When that happens it pushes taxes to the city level to provide for our children.

Mr. Cashion said on social media, “Politicians are a lot like magicians. They get you to focus your attention away from where the action really is then convey an alternative sense of reality.” That brings to mind the old adage, Mr. Cashion, ‘If the shoe fits…’

Bobby Moak