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Fake News Busters?

Last week, State Representative Andy Gipson (Republican-Braxton) took some media hits, constituent heat, and statewide rebuke when as Chairman he killed committee legislation without a vote that would have added Domestic Abuse as a ground for divorce. He later bowed to the immense pressure and came up with a bill to stem the tide of discourse against him, but not without whining about earlier news accounts (some of which he labeled fake) of his deeds.
Now Rep. Gipson has decided to start a new organization. He has gone big-time and is even up on Facebook for all the world to comment. As a matter of fact he is encouraging folks to visit the site so here it is, MS Responsible Journalism Initiative.
Mr. Andy will be the Editor-in-Chief and he has a bi-partisan committee helping him decide what is real news and what is not. Mr. Andy says they will review “false reporting on truly important issues” while “addressing fake news” because he/the group is “sick of lies” that Mississippi's media makes up.
Oh yeah, one important point, the committee at this time is anonymous. Yes, it is a “secret organization” that will determine truth and “make decisions what is a false or misleading statement,”  Mr. Andy says. We cannot wait to see the membership of this stand-up committee as it seems we have read about these kinds of groups somewhere else in history books.
How fortunate that we will have Mr. Andy and his secret group to determine the validity of news for the rest of us. Why that’s easier than thinking. Heck, Mr. Andy and the secret group can do all our thinking for us!  
Maybe Mr. Andy and his ‘double secret committee’ will do something about those pesky organizations spreading fake news about how Mississippi doesn’t have a budget crisis or that legislative leadership isn’t pushing taxes down to the local level or there have been no cuts to education funding for our local schools and women don’t need equal pay legislation. But wait... that’s all coming from the Republicans. Oh well, never mind!

Bobby Moak