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Candidate Accent Part One

The Mississippi Republican Party started a program spotlighting municipal candidates. Today they listed two for mayor slots. Welcome to the arena!

We in turn wanted to ACCENT those candidates.

Moss Point

Mr. John Mosley, Jr., looks like a nice and well-educated candidate, but it appears from his comments that he shares the same out-of-touch views as the Republican Party under whose banner he is running.
Any good candidate would work with his local Republican legislative and state leadership to carry the party line. That line has been to cut state funding to local fire departments in addition to cutting county and city law enforcement, mental health programs, and limiting healthcare for citizens. It has also pushed taxes on the local citizens. Let’s not forget his party is the only one to try to pass legislation to take away retirement benefits. 
Mr. Mosley carries his party’s negative record, and that is not good for the citizens of Moss Point.

On to Lucedale to accent Mr. Darwin Nelson

Mr. Nelson states one of his honors was ‘performing’ at a Donald J. Trump rally in Jackson. He goes on to say “our little town has hit a lull in growth and development.”
That “lull” he referred to has everything to do with the party he is a candidate for. Mr. Nelson must not have looked, apparently too busy picking and grinning, but there is a budget mess created by the Republican Party that we cannot dig out of. Mississippi is hundreds of millions of dollars in the red just in this fiscal year. The Republicans just can’t stop giving our tax dollars away to large corporations, eliminating over 8,000 state jobs (with more pending), and pushing tax increases down to the city and county level. 
Mr. Nelson’s local Republican legislative delegation has a voting record of ‘going along to get along’ with their party leadership while doing nothing to turn around these local problems. Thanks to Republican policies, Mississippi has not replaced 26,700 jobs since the great recession in ’07 and is ranked the 49th worst state in which to do business.

A mayoral candidate highlighted by the state Republican leadership should send a strong signal that more of the same failed state policies will occur in Lucedale if he gets elected.

Bobby Moak