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Shameful Behavior

Chris McDaniel just couldn’t stop degrading women, and his colleagues in the Mississippi Legislature have now joined him.  

Last week State Senator Chris McDaniel (R- Ellisville) made disparaging remarks about women.  Instead of apologizing, he doubled down on the insults against women and their rights.

On Monday in the Mississippi House Chamber, Representative Bryant Clark (D- Pickens) attempted to champion the issue of Equal Pay for Women. He was shot down with a procedural move by the Republican leadership and Representative Mark Baker (R- Brandon).

Yesterday the Republican leadership of the Mississippi House of Representatives made it official and killed every Equal Pay piece of legislation that had been introduced, even the one they introduced to fade political heat.

It’s time we all joined in the fight to support critical issues so important to women and their families. Help us make elected officials accountable for their lack of understanding or outright ignorance towards women.

Bobby Moak