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So much for carrying over of the holiday spirit or even the promises of the last political campaigns for that matter.
Monday night, the Republican Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to reign in the bi-partisan Independent Ethics Office that is charged with airing the ethical violations (dirty laundry some call it) of members of Congress whether they be Republican or Democrat. The Republicans have the majority and so they took it upon themselves to strip the office of its independence and instead put it under the control of their own ethics panel. The old adage of “fox guarding the hen house” comes to mind.
Well, they got so much heat that by Tuesday they did an about face, in order to save face. Wonder how our three members of the Mississippi Republican Congressional delegation voted behind closed doors on that measure? Ask them, and maybe you will get a copy of their recorded vote…or not!

Anyway, the national Republican legislative leadership sure does favor our Mississippi Republican leadership team in the state house. Remember last fall when state leadership approved spending your tax dollars on an independent education company to conduct studies, among other things, and then said the contract they signed was confidential and the public could not have access to the terms? Remember too that Jim Hood, among others, called their hand and they too were forced into an about face to save face!
Looks like the same adage applies to our state and national Republican leadership. They are smart folks making not so smart political moves to protect themselves. Neither group could stand more than three phone calls on a self serving vote before bolting for the “unlike” button.
Happy New Year and stay alert! The federal and state legislatures just gaveled into session today.

Bobby Moak