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What A Week!

There has been a blitz of nonsense coming out of Washington the past few days.


The Mississippi legislative leadership this week pushed a bill to the calendar stripping the Mississippi Arts Commission Board of authority and instead having it act in an advisory capacity. The Commission would be absorbed by the Mississippi Development Authority. Malcolm White was effectively removed as the Director of the Mississippi Arts Commission by the Governor late last year; White then became chair of the MAC. This effort to weaken the Commission is being pushed by Representative Becky Currie, who has the Mississippi School of the Arts in her legislative district. Of course, this has led to a few problems for her back home in Lincoln County.

Then, in an attempt to control day to day workings of agencies and offices, legislative leadership pushed a bill to abolish rules and regulations every five years, whether it is needed or not. 
Not to mention there is legislation pushed by the Governor and Republican legislative leadership, SB 2567, to strip power from the boards of Mental Health, Rehabilitation Services, and the Health Department. This would make the boards advisory, effectively silencing their voice, and giving the Governor more power and removing a layer of political protection from these agencies. 

And finally a bit of good news: the struggle for voting rights continues. An important hurdle in the Representative Bo Eaton case was cleared this week in federal court allowing a lawsuit to be filed against legislators alleging they unconstitutionally took away voters rights. We will continue to update you as that moves forward.
We have not heard a peep about rescinding the continuing 40 tax breaks to the leadership's corporate buddies, the $432 million new tax cuts to soon take effect, how they are planning to stop cutting essential services, or fixing the fiscal and budget mess they created.

Bobby Moak