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Denying "objective reality" or creating "alternative facts?"

All of this was promised during the campaign for President, but no one imagined the taxes they would be paying or the security issues presented to the public in an attempt to carry out those promises. Who can turn on the television, radio, computer, or phone and not see what has transpired at the national level over the past ten days?

First, President Trump became the story when questioning the numbers of people at his inauguration as compared to others.

The Trump Administration then tried to silence the voice of the National Park Service by not allowing them to report information to the public which didn't help much because The Women's March took the headlines for the millions that participated in D.C., throughout the U.S., and the world.

Next, the Administration suggested a 20% tariff on Mexican goods in order to pay for the 'Wall' that was suggested be built. The news that possibly at least 20% price increases on goods such as food, GMC, Chevy, Ford, Dodge Ram trucks, and other goods now coming across the border would be part of this package didn’t sit well. The public quickly caught onto the fact they would actually be paying for the 'Wall' through higher costs for consumer goods or the federal budget if Congress passes an appropriation to build it. To top it off, the Mexican President cancelled a meeting with Trump.

Then, the president ordered an investigation into three million alleged illegal voters. The person actually espousing this theory was a former Mississippi department official that left office when actions came to light that he may have committed while in office here. On national news shows, this individual could offer no proof or evidence of his theory, but it did get a presidential order.

Additionally, just days ago the president signed an Executive Order on travel to the U.S. from seven countries that was immediately held in abeyance as unconstitutional by several federal courts. The ban listed countries the Obama Administration had suggested be watched, but President Trump’s order did not include those that had a link with 911 or other security issues. Some have suggested it’s because those other countries are ones in which the president's family may have business ties. The issue has become chaotic. Democrats have early opposed the Order and Republicans in Congress have begun to join their colleagues in a bipartisan voice.
To top it off, another Executive Order revamped the National Security Counsel. The president removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Intelligence Director as principal committee members and instead gave his newest employee and current White House strategist, Stephen Bannon, a principal seat on the committee. The removed Joint Chief Chair and Intelligence Director will only be part of the principal committee when there are issues that effect their positions. It will effectively silence their voices on other matters.  

Bobby Moak