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Chairman Cole Statement on 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

JACKSON, MS - On the 50th Anniversary of the March from Selma to Montgomery, Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole issued the following statement:

"On this day we commemorate the bravery and courage displayed in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. We honor the citizens of our nation who endured unthinkable adversity in seeking the rights to which all Americans are endowed. Step by step, with unshakeable resolve, these marchers changed our nation for the better. 

"However, 50 years later we're reminded that the march continues. 50 years later we are still faced with racial inequality and injustice. There is no more fitting way to honor those who shed blood on the Edmund Pettus bridge than to march on and continue the fight to protect the fundamental rights of every citizen."


Bobby Moak