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Mississippi Republicans' Reckless Policies Lead to Worst Unemployment Rate in the Nation

Democrats Advocate for Key Investments in Public Education, Infrastructure, and Healthcare   

Jackson, MS – The Mississippi Democratic Party issued the following statement following the release of recent unemployment numbers from the U.S. Labor Department. Mississippi reported the worst unemployment rate in the nation at 6.7%.

"With the highest unemployment rate in the nation, it is abundantly clear that Republican leadership has failed Mississippi. Instead of taking action to combat Mississippi's growing unemployment, Republicans have chosen to spend this legislative session advocating for policies that benefit out-of-state corporations and campaign contributors. 

"In fact, the Republicans' job creation plan seems to be nothing more than out-of-state corporate giveaways. While Republicans continue to spend this session pushing reckless policies at the expense of Mississippi families, Democrats are focused on putting more Mississippians to work by advocating for key investments in public education, infrastructure, and healthcare. Mississippians deserve more than failed leadership; they deserve progress." 



Bobby Moak