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Looking Forward Together

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the Armistice was signed signaling an end to the War to End All Wars. Today, we celebrate veterans, living and dead. Mississippi Democrats honor and remember those family, friends, and neighbors who answered the call to military service while not forgetting their dedicated families.

Tuesday marked the end of a long and contensious campaign for the White House. Here are just a few things Democrats can look to, even though we were not successful in capturing the office of president.

1. You worked together. In Mississippi, we registered voters and knocked on doors. That will pay dividends in elections to come, because even without expending any funds, we built a stronger party base.

2. Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote. The message she delivered was adopted by more voters nationwide than Mr. Trump. Republican leadership would do well to keep that in mind when developing policy.

3. There were Democratic pickups in the House, Senate, and state legislatures. There are still more to come as elections have not been completed in other states.

4. The Mississippi Democratic Party attempts to follow the spirit and intent of the non-partisan law and does not offer formal endorsements, but the Republicans lost their prized endorsed candidates in judicial elections. 

5. Sometimes losing brings wins. We are pleased at the offers of financial, volunteer, and commitment of support received since Tuesday night. We are clearly viewed as the logical and reasonable alternative in governing and folks want to help and be a part of that.

Elections have consequences. The President-elect stated during the campaign that:

A. Jobs would be a priority. We all hope that happens, but it is clear he cannot look to Mississippi's dismal Republican leadership for a road map to do that. Our state has not seen any net jobs created during any Republican governor's administration.

B. He will repeal Obamacare. Mississippi never accepted the basics of this program for our hospitals and healthcare providers and lost thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. Our medical association made that known most recently to the public. A no-ceiling dollar limit on health care coverage, eliminating pre-existing illness policy protection, tax credits to help purchase policies, and removing the ability families have to insure their children until the age of 25 on a family policy are all basics of Obamacare. That's just some of the downside consequences of repealing the Affordable Care Act.
C. He will build a wall, and the Mexican government will pay for it. During the campaign, Mrs. Clinton and others espoused tougher immigration policies and Mr. Trump even acknowledged that President Obama had deported more illegal persons in the U.S. under current policies. However, even beyond policy, Mr. Trump has said repeatedly that he will build (a beautiful) wall. The spin has already begun that he may not have meant a physical wall.

Folks, the sun came up on Wednesday. We have work to do.

Our neighbors in Louisiana are seeking our help in the runoff election for U.S. Senate and Congress. If you can spare some telephone time or want to physically go there, let this office know. 

We are continuing our efforts with party structure rebuilding and will have positive reports as our work progresses.

We are planning for the 2017 election cycle with an eye toward the 2019 general elections. We have plenty of fodder because our Republican super-majority's leadership keeps giving it to us in the form of tax cuts to their corporate backers ($118 million short over a one-year period), no net job creation, and a budget mess of red ink that just won't stop hemmoraging. 

Let's get busy!

Bobby Moak