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Welcome Back!

"Some of my friends say it's terrible what's happening in Mississippi, because of all of the jobs that are being lost." (Donald Trump, Clarion Ledger, 3/8/16) Even "The Donald" knows about the "no jobs" brought on by poor policy and budget decisions by Mississippi's Republican leadership team. 

The majority party in control, however, continues to whistle past the graveyard and denies their leadership style has put Mississippi in our own recession while the rest of the country seems to be doing just fine with lower unemployment rates and higher state incomes. Even Governor Bryant tried to evade the blame but implicated himself and legislative leaders when he said, "In the last four years, Mississippi's budget has grown 24 percent." So much for the "shrinking government" promise.

Now that Mr. Trump and Governor Bryant are on the same political page about Mississippi's mismanagement, maybe they can bring in their state legislative leadership team, enlighten them, and map a plan to address the problems they have created like: the downgrade of Mississippi's economic outlook by Moody's; being sued by the U.S. Justice Department over the Americans with Disabilities Act; using one-time money to plug budget holes; dipping into the rainy day fund; cuts to local programs that call for raising local taxes; sweeping funds from Autism, Zika response, local police, and firefighters; and just the whole "budget mess." That’s just to name a few.Maybe while he's here, Mr. Trump can get this Mississippi budget-busting Republican leadership to sit down with Democrats in a logical and reasonable approach to help solve these problems. The first step, though, is to admit that the problem exists, which everybody in Mississippi does except the leadership. 

Have a nice visit!

Bobby Moak