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Counties: the party's backbone

The Mississippi Democratic Party would not exist were it not for the work and dedication of our County Executive Committees. They are the groups most directly linked to the people, the foundation of the party. These committee members run our primaries and precinct caucuses, support Democratic candidates on all levels, identify and recruitnew and promising talent, work closely with elected Democratic officials and serve as the foundation leadership of the party. Their only compensation is satisfying their commitment to citizenship.


Mississippi Democratic Party County Committees

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  • Jackson County — Robert G. Smith, chair
  • Jasper County — Marcelean Arrington, chair
  • Jefferson County — Albert Z. Johnson, Jr., chair
  • Jefferson Davis County — Nadine Thompson, chair
  • Jones County — Trey Chinn, chair
  • Kemper County — Charles Hollingsworth, chair
  • Lafayette County — Cristen Hemmins, chair
  • Lamar County - Stacey Sims, chair
  • Lamar County — Amy Adelman, chair
  • Lauderdale County — Stephen Wilson, chair
  • Lawrence County — Wanda Day, chair 
  • Leake County — Lyvonne LeFlore, chair
  • Lee County — Jamie Franks, chair
  • Leflore County — Robert Sims, chair
  • Lincoln County — Helen Funk, chair
  • Lowndes County — Leroy Brooks, chair