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Keeping their Silence

State GOP is mum about Trump's destruction of Health Care

By Bobby Moak, Chairman, Mississippi Democratic Party

"Let’s get rid of ObamaCare" was the rallying cry for Republicans over the past seven years.

Well, the President kept the Republican promise and signed an Executive Order stopping subsidy premium payments to insurance companies that have written insurance for those who have their insurance through the federal program. These folks don’t get free insurance; they just purchase at a price from a pool that has a lower rate thanks to ObamaCare.

Not one Mississippi elected Republican has stood against the President's latest policy. Not one Senator, not one Congressman, not one legislator, city, or county elected official. The Republicans' support of this agenda against Mississippians is deafening.

Today, nearly 54,000 Mississippians live with the proposition they may not be able to afford a health insurance policy for their families because of the President's Executive Order which is expected to cause premiums to skyrocket over 20 percent. Some in the insurance industry warn that there are cases in which insurance premiums could quadruple and deductibles increase from $252 to $3,600!

Many small business owners are on these insurance plans, and it will hurt them as a well. These business owners were getting tax credits under the existing law, and it made insurance affordable because they were able write off most of it from their income.
Workers pay into the Social Security System for retirement. On average, those payments with an investment rate included are paid back to the worker in the form of benefits within the first seven years of their retirement or disability. All payments to them after that are subsidized by the federal government. The same goes for Medicare and veterans' benefits.

So watch out for your family, friends, and neighbors. You could be the next hit by a Republican Executive Order.